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the best party of your life

the best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe best party of your life - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

It’s my birthday week and I wanted to take this time to talk about “the best party of my life.” It’s happening right now! Though I often forget that I’m a gal in my 30s (gasp!), my 30s have been pretty awesome thus far. I was a bit of a mess in my 20s, unsure of everything with mood swings like a teenager, who just hit puberty. It was a time full of drama, bad decisions and if I’m being honest, some really really good times. But now things are better than ever. I have a wonderful husband, 3 careers that I love (actress, tv host, blogger) and friends who are positive, supportive and great to be around. It’s truly the best time of my life and I know that strides in my career and a baby (that will probably happen in the next 2 years or so) will only make it better. More fun. More challenging, but still, more fun! So here’s to turning one year older on Sunday and having the best party of MY life! Woohoo!!!


Photography by Sylvia G

  • CM

    I feel you on that… I’ve been having a bit of a quarter life crisis myself but am finding that things are becoming more clear and settled. I have answers that I didn’t have before and it feels mighty good…! Hope you have a happy bday weekend!

    xx/ http://www.hometohem.xom

    • Amen to that! 20s are a great time to explore all you can and figure things out. Turning 30 is a little scary but after that it’s a good time. Thank you for the birthday wishes! xo

  • Lori Garcia

    Happy bday week!

    • Thank you!!!!!! Garcia? That’s my mom’s maiden name! And my birth name was Mercedes-Garcia 🙂

  • thank you! xo

  • designRoundup

    I agree the 30’s are better. When you’re in your twenties…your like a lost puppy, still searching and unraveling. But your thirties, well there awesome, the perfect time to excel in your career, marry the love of you life and make babies. Oh, and make substantial investments, like real estate. Happy early birthday Grasie!

    • thank you! and woohoo to babies and real estate! 🙂

  • Erica

    I just turned 26 on Monday and I keep thinking that I want to just skip over the rest of my 20s and get into my 30s when everything seems to settle down and next chapter can begin.
    As a child I had these ideas of where I should be at what age and now I realize that I have to somewhat ignore those plans and just live life. If I was living by my original plans I should be married with a couple of kids by now. ha. not happening anytime soon.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know it will be a great one.

    • Girl, that’s so true! Life happens as it should and my childhood plans for adulthood all went out the window long ago. LOL. I would have 2 kids and a career in finance if I didn’t abandon them. Imagine that…me in finance?! Happy Belated Birthday! And though the 30s are great, enjoy the rest of your 20s!!!

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