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the blue eagle

I don’t know what goes on in this van and I’m not sure I want to. It’s always in my hood and cracks me up every time I see it. Random and fantastic. Btw, I don’t look like this anymore. These photos were taken last week and this week I took the plunge. I got bangs! And, I really love them. Bangs are a lot of work but lately I’ve been obsessed with these expression lines on my forehead and I figured bangs over Botox, ya know? I feel like a narcissistic a-hole talking about it, but being an actress, host and fashion blogger, I have to look at my own mug a lot. (More than any human being should have to look at their own face!). I try not to dissect myself too much but certain things need to be taken care of! What lines on your forehead?, you may ask…the ones you’ll never see because Photoshop, and now bangs, are my friends. Hehe.

In this look: LNA sweater c/o, H&M faux leather leggings, Converse, Urban Outfitters jacket & purse, DIY shades and American Apparel necklace

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Bonnie Robison

    I can’t wait to see your bangs! I just recently switched from longer side bangs to a more blunt style and I love them (yep, it hides the forehead well)!

    • thanks! my latest outfit post has me with bangs..yay!