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the white coat

I’m brave, my friend. I’m wearing my new, white, Zara coat in NYC! Getting on the train with it and everything. Okay, I’m being silly but isn’t it true? Do you get paranoid when you wear white? I did and every time I worried about getting my whites dirty, I did just that. It was like I was calling the stains to me and the Universe delivered. Instead, now when I wear white, I think, “if it gets dirty then it’s gets dirty, no biggie.” It’s working thus far! Hope I didn’t just jinx it. the white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdI’ve been in NYC for just over 2 weeks and have about 4 weeks to go. Shooting with MTV has been so much fun! I can not wait for the show to air this Summer. I only shoot 1-2 days a week, so I’ve had a lot of down time to spend with my fam and take in the city. It’s been nice. (And cold..brrr!)
the white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdthe white coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdIn this look:

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

  • woww, I love this look a lot, very chic and NYC!!! XOXO

    • thank you! the NY vibe is rubbing off 🙂

  • Miloveda

    you look so cute I love your dress and boots!!

    • thank you! and thanks for commenting. xo

  • when we wander

    I’m the same way! Which is probably why I don’t own anything white!!

    • lol – go for it 🙂

  • Rose

    lovely coat

  • Joanne

    Love this look and you look stunning!

    • why thank you! 😉

  • designRoundup

    You look terrific! Love the boots!

  • These pictures are great! Lydia is a good Sylvia replacement while you’re in NYC.

    • I still miss my Sylvia and wish she was here but you’re right Lydia is AWESOME and I’m so happy to have her here in NY! xo

  • Great post hun, LOVE the coat, Zara are amazing with outer wear! I feel you with the white thing haha, if you think it will get dirty then it does, but its sooo hard not to worry about lol x

    • it is hard! lol so far, i’m stain free and YES love Zara for outwear and shoes!!!

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