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waiting anxiously

I have a hard time waiting. It’s true. I’m super impatient and want everything done yesterday. Currently there are a few things I’m anxiously waiting for…my updated website to be done (can not wait to share it with you!), my hair to grow (it’s the slowest), the Olympics to start (I mean, it’s the SUMMER Olympics and SUMMER is almost over) and a weekend getaway where I can just lie on a beach and do nothing (so I can get bored in a day and start worrying about what’s not getting done). Ahhhh! When all the thoughts above (and more) start making me crazy, I realize I need to take a moment and breathe. It’s so easy to not be happy where you are and constantly focus on what’s next. I am very guilty of this. But at the risk of sounding “woo woo,” if am constantly waiting for the next thing to happen, will I ever be happy with right now? Deep. What do you do to keep things balanced? Please share…I’ll just sit here and wait for your comments. Hehe.

In this look: vintage dress from Shabon, Prada shoes, Ever Eden earrings and House of Harlow 1960 cuff c/o Glamhouse

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • geraldineg

    So true! I feel the same way often and I am quite anxious as well. I usually try to enjoy the little small things one can achieve during the day or that can help you to achieve your future aims. But really trying to realize what you could achieve. As well as this, positive thoughts! If not, whenever you get to your future projects, you never finish to enjoy them because you keep thinking on what comes next. But obviously I never lose sight of my major long term projects like trips or work objectives, for me, it keeps you active and alive just to think about what you want next!  Even with a couple, boyfriend or girldfriend. Love your blog! Greetings from Argentina! Love, Geraldine

    • great comment and insight. thanks for posting! and how cool…a reader from argentina?!!! i’ve always wanted to visit 🙂

  • sincerely renay

    lovely dress!! the colors look fabulous on your complexion! I’m waiting for my hair to grow too…then I’ll probably want to cut it again…it’s a vicious cycle 🙂

    • lol. yup, it sure is! xo

  • Very cute, I love how pic captures the flower so that it appears aside your head to look as though it was in your hair.

  • word. 🙂

  • design roundup

    You look super adorable. And I’m like you…very short patience.

  • Zoe Taylor-Lynch

    So pretty! Pretty outfit, pretty photography, pretty everything! Love the matching flowers in the background too! And your yellow nails! I’m exactly the same- always anxious about what’s next, trying to get everything done in one day! Thanks for this post- glad I’m not the only one! 🙂 [and p.s. all of your posts and videos are amazing and super inspiring on many levels- I’m officially a fan].  Greetings from Australia! -Zoe