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what’s your sign?


I’m a Pisces born on February 23rd and while I’m not one to check my horoscope every day or even every month, I do believe I’m exactly what a Pisces is said to be. LOFT has partnered with the Saturn Sisters to create 12 super cool and adorable totes for each sign of the zodiac, that you can check out here. With each sign, you can also read your daily or weekly horoscope and all about your sign! I must say their Pisces description is pretty spot on for me…

Yours is a world of glamour, compassion and unconditional love. Too much reality makes you grumpy and depressed, and when pressed you would rather dance or paint your feelings than speak about them. You enjoy sleeping, time by the ocean and falling madly in love…

So much truth in those three lines!!! It goes on with even more truths and is so spot on. I love that about horoscopes, it’s like they validate who you are in a sense and support your truth. Well, as you can see I’m hooked. So, what’s your sign?

Thank you to LOFT for partnering on this post.

LOFT top // LOFT jeans // LOFT + Saturn Sisters tote