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white collar

white collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIEwhite collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIEwhite collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIEwhite collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIEwhite collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIEwhite collar dress - STYLE ME GRASIE

Labor Day is just around the corner, which unofficially (or is it officially?) marks the end of summer. But just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean I’m running away from summery prints and open toe heels. Luckily in LA, you can rock this look till October without looking too weird. Never the less, I’m still excited for some fall fashion. Who’s with me?! To help ease the tradition, below are some adorable collar dresses, perfect for fall.

Photography by Sylvia G


  • The slow pace

    I love the simple cut of the dress and how polished you look today! And by the way, I’m all for Autumn clothes lately. i just can’t wait!

    • Thank you and YAY fall! xo

  • Nico

    Love the collar of this fab dress! (It would be perfect also under a sweater!)

    Style details: steal her idea lb-lc fashion blog

    • Great idea! Gonna have to try that when the temp drops. xo

  • Love this dress. I live in houston so we can rock this look to October too.

    • Nice! So hot here in LA today…it’s nuts!

  • Leesa

    totally love the colors in this dress!

    • Thank you…me too! Two of my favorite colors are blue and yellow. xo

  • Shoshana

    White collar but not stuffy. This shirt dress is so pretty. It’s like an architectural design & a Kaleidoscope crashed in to one another and shazam. Such a great piece.

    • Great description! LOVE that! xo

  • ChicFlavours

    love the print and gold ring on the outfit! U are lucky enough you can rock the summery look until September…keep the dresses and open toe shoes coming! Thanks for sharing

    • Will do! But definitely getting into knits for fall too 🙂

  • Shoshana took the words right out of my mind. As soon as I saw this dress, I thought…kaleidoscope! Such a fun print.
    Megan //

    • Lol YES! Great description! xo

  • dress is a safe easy choice for busy days. cuz it is solo part and u r free from the matching different layers

    • So true. Throw it on and go! xo

  • Super cute dress!!

    xoxo, Diana