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currently lusting – everything winter white

currently lusting - everything winter white - STYLE ME GRASIEI’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I love winter whites! I need to wear it more, instead of just admiring it from a far. I definitely need numbers 3 & 6 in my life but I’d happily take it all! Currently Lusting…

  1. Acne sweater 
  2. Haute Hippie blazer dress
  3. Topshop Limited Edition shift dress
  4. Sephora pro powder brush
  5. Topshop cuff sandals
  6. Topshop biker jacket
  7. Equipment blouse
  8. Topshop makeup bag

Apparently, I’m also currently lusting everything Topshop 🙂

  • designRoundup

    Dress #2 is awesome!

    ♥, Londa

  • friendsarefashion

    Hey Grasie ! I love white and I just posted my New Year look wearing it white…Would you like to check and let me know? xoxo