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male mondays – leather briefcases

Men, it’s time for an upgrade! Trade in your nylon laptop cases and backpacks for a gentleman’s briefcase. Your briefcase says as much about you as your shoes (which is a lot). If you can afford it, step up your style like nobody’s business and invest in a luxurious leather beauty that will last a lifetime. If money is tight, scour your local thrift and vintage stores and you may just get lucky and find an antique gem for $40 or less. Start the search, here are some lovelies (#5 is very affordable!).

  • 1. Le Donne Leather Flap Over Twist Lock Brief $158
  • 2. L.A.P.A. Men’s Front Pocket Croco Stamped Italian Leather Briefcase $419
  • 3. JCrew Montague Leather Satchel $298
  • 4. JCrew Billykirk® Schoolboy Satchel $365
  • 5. Topman Burgundy Briefcase $60
  • 6. Billykirk® Schoolboy Satchel $365