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male mondays – shades for spring & summer

For men’s shades, this Spring/Summer season is all about tortoise shell (#1, 3, 4 & 5), a keyhole nose bridge (#5 & 6) and classic looks (#1-6).

Style Tips When Wearing Shades:

  • Ditch your Oakley’s (unless you’re competing in a triathlon, these are not okay)
  • Don’t wear sunglasses at night (unless you’re a filthy rich rapper or Bono or that guy who sang “Sunglasses at Night,” then it’s fine)
  • Don’t you dare wear your sunglasses on the back of your head! (unless you’re Guy Fieri, in which case you have bigger style fish to fry)

Sunglasses, like a nice watch, is something worth spending some extra dough on. Men shouldn’t wear many accessories, so might as well splurge a little, on the ones you do wear. Happy Shopping and bust out those shades baby! 

  • 1. Persol at Park & Bond $310
  • 2. Ray Ban $135
  • 3. SUPER at Urban Outfitters $130
  • 4. Ray Ban at JCrew $145
  • 5. Moscot $255
  • 6. Warby Parker $95 (not only the least expensive on the list, but they also give a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase)


  • “Style Tips When Wearing Shades” should be changed to “Style Laws When Wearing Shades.”