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male mondays – the murse game

When I first discovered MURSEGAME, I knew I had to feature it in a Male Mondays post. It’s a genius blog that features men’s street style as it revolves around murses! What’s a murse, you ask? Yup, it’s exactly as it sounds…a man purse. But as the Murse Game Manifest explains, it’s deeper than that:

As a man, there are a few basic options: Backpack, Briefcase, Duffle bag, and the newest option the MURSE.  Backpacks are for kids and adventures. Briefcase are for wall street and the set of Mad Men.  Duffle bags are for the gym.  Murses are…for grown-ups who don’t carry briefcase?…stylish men looking to accessorize?…celebrity assistants?…All of the above? Given my options, I realized a murse was my favorite as a 30 year old man needing to carry some type of carry-all.

Because men have stuff too, I give you some cool murses…
Photos from Mursegame via Because I’m Addicted


  • very cool! thanks for the share!
    Tinacious Me

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    The Mursenary

    • no problem! dope site.