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male mondays – the return of the varsity jacket

Men’s fashion for Spring/Summer 2012 is all about 1950s cool. Rolled-up pants, shades, loafers and varsity jackets.

Let’s chat about the varsity jacket, shall we? I love the look but strongly believe it should be reserved for the young (35 and younger). After that, (and 35 is pushing it) it starts to feel a bit juvenile or like a sad middle-aged man trying to recapture a little of the glory…days (thanks Bruce). With that said, if you’re young and feeling funking try one out this season. Here are some of my favs out right now.

  • 1. Urban Outfitters Vintage Men’s Varsity Jacket $189
  • 2. OBEY Varsity Jacket $119
  • 3. ASOS Varsity Jacket $91
  • 4.ASOS Quilted Varsity Jacket $91

Runway photos of Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2012 here