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male mondays – watches galore

male mondays - watchesThere are two things a man should put some money into…shoes and a nice watch! The good news is, you can get a great watch for as low as $50, you can also drop $5k and every price in between. Most importantly, a watch should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Another tip: instead of splurging on one fancy piece, why not get two moderately priced watches?…one casual and one dressy. Whatever your watch game entails, here are 10 ideas to get you started…from sporty to classic, leather to canvas, gold to silver…they’re all good!

  1. Nixon gold watch $450
  2. Gordon’s brown leather band watch $795
  3. Nixon watch $500
  4. Timex nylon strap watch $50
  5. U-boat watch $2,200
  6. Timex black leather band watch $50
  7. Timex digital watch $55
  8. Omega stainless steel watch $4,500
  9. U-boat titanium watch $3,450
  10. Timex x JCrew vintage army steel watch $180