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movado time

Yesterday I attended a private viewing of the upcoming Movado Collection at the Four Seasons. It was a preview of gorgeous brand pieces, as well as, a vintage selection that stole my heart. 
This piece owned by Elizabeth Taylor was a beauty and had a special energy to it. It’s classic old Hollywood and even more gorgeous in person. 
The brand pieces come in many styles from more casual to red carpet goodness. The gold and rose gold pieces were stand outs for me, though I was also digging the bright colored bands on the sporty watches.

The vintage collection was definitely my favorite. So killer. I seriously want every single piece. I’m contemplating becoming a watch collector so my greed seems distinguished.

These bracelets have tiny little clocks in them! Come on!

Finally, expect to see this beauty in future outfit posts…
Thank you for a lovely afternoon Movado!


  • Sara Jane

    I usually hate all watches but these are really pretty!

    • right?! yeah, i’m not a big watch gal either but movado just changed that!

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  • Ggihsgohw

    Am I right – did your lovely wrist don the Liz Taylor beautiful watch?! Gorgeous! Well jealous! (or ‘well jel’ as some say…!)

    • lol. yeah, it was amazing!