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new year’s eve sequins

new yearThere are only so many times a year when it’s totally appropriate to wear sequins and New Year’s Eve is definitely one of them. Sequin dresses and tops are the perfect way to look festive and fun with just one piece. Plus, they make a statement on their own and work perfect with basics you already have in your closet. Ready to go for it? 3-2-1 SEQUINS!

  1. Topshop cropped tee $90
  2. Urban Outfitters tee dress $149
  3. Topshop emerald green dress $136
  4. ASOS wrap dress $181
  5. Topshop tinsel tee dress $140
  6. ASOS sweater dress $118
  7. Topshop high neck top $84
  8. Parker dress $385