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snowed in

In my last post, I shared why I had to fly to NY on a whim…well, now I’m snowed in! New York (and most of the northeast) is getting hit with “Nemo” the snow storm of the century (that’s what one news outlet called it). Over 3,000 flights out of NY were cancelled for today and tomorrow and authorities are encouraging everyone to stay home. I’m upstate hibernating with my family and enjoying watching the snow fall. My mom made chili and I’m lounging in sweats. It’s pretty perfect. I look forward to playing in the snow tomorrow and flying to sunny LA on Sunday. Here are some “snowed in” inspired items I’m currently lusting. Stay warm! snowed in - STYLE ME GRASIE

  1. Topshop knit hat $28
  2. JCrew artic parka $675
  3. Aigle snow & rain boots $203
  4. Topshop leather woven gloves $24
  5. “Killer Chili” cookbook $15
  6. Matterhorn sled with backrest $170
  7. Topshop knit sweater $90
  8. Michael Kors knit scarf $80
  9. “Hot Chocolate” cookbook! $11