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tuesday trends – printed pants for fall

Tuesday Trends…it’s a new thing here on Style Me Grasie. I figure we have Male Mondays, why not have something on Tuesdays too! Both featured posts will alternate week by week making them each bi-weekly (or is it bi-monthly) posts. Today, we’re talking printed pants for Fall.

It’s time to pack up those neons and brights we were rocking all Summer and break out the Autumn colors and prints. Style tip: when wearing these bold bottoms, keep your top half simple and neutral. Basic tees and blouses in white, grey, black or cream are great options. Happy Shopping!

  1. Helmut Lang abstract patterned leggings
  2. Urban Outfitters feather print jeans
  3. Paige Denim printed pants
  4. Urban Outfitters cheetah print pants
  5. ASOS camo print jeans
  6. Lucky Brand feather print jeans
  7. Forever 21 leopard print pants