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    If you follow me on Snapchat (grasiemercedes) you know that I spent the beginning of this week on a 3 day juice cleanse.

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    If you follow me on Snapchat (grasiemercedes) you know that I spent the beginning of this week on a 3 day juice cleanse. A lot of people sent me messages asking about it, so I wanted to share my experience and exactly what I did here. First off, I decided to do the cleanse because I was feeling bloated and gross and wanted a kickstart to a healthy summer. I’ve done 3 day juice cleanses twice before and both were tougher than this one, because I finally figured out the “trick!” Don’t just drink juice! Allow yourself two secret supplements that will make the process way more manageable and even enjoyable; mine were watermelon and a detox green soup.

    green detox soup
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    The juice portion of my cleanse was from Juice Served Here. There is a brick and mortar in my hood, which made the process very easy. I went for the 3 day “Soft Cleanse” and stopped by the store each afternoon for my next day’s supply. You can also choose to get all 3 days worth of juice at once or have it delivered. I picked Juice Served Here simply because I like the taste of their juices. I live in Silverlake where there are 4 (FOUR!) juice shops in a 5 block radius, this one just happens to be my favorite.

    For the detox green soup, I made a batch using this recipe on night 1 and added a pinch of sea salt and half an avocado to my bowl each night. It was surprisingly delicious! OK, here’s the breakdown of all 3 days:

    • I started each morning with a big glass of water (about 12 oz) with fresh squeezed lemon or lime at around 7a.
    • Then, I had a cup of green tea. You can choose to give up caffeine completely but I’m a coffee drinker and didn’t want a caffeine headache. Truth be told, I got one anyway on days 1 & 2 so for day 3, I had a 1/2 cup of coffee and used the “Cream Party” juice as “creamer” – no headache that day.
    • Then, at around 8:30a I started drinking my juice! They label your juices so you know what order to drink them in and even include a loose schedule to follow. I drank my juices about 1-2 hours apart until around 7p.
    • At around 1p every day I treated myself to 5-8 pieces of cut up watermelon as an afternoon snack. It’s around this time of the day that I just wanted something to chew!
    • Finally, at around 7:30p I would have my green detox soup and drink water for the rest of the night, until I went to sleep around 10:30p

    And that’s it. Three days later, I lost 5 pounds and felt pretty great. Besides the caffeine headaches on the first two days, this cleanse was a breeze. The hardest part was when Damien would eat something delicious in front of me, because he’s a terrible husband. With that, I would recommend doing your cleanse when you don’t have events, birthdays etc to go to. Pick 3 days where you can just work and chill and that will definitely make it easier! And remember, if you’re a first time cleanser, it will probably be a challenge, that’s OK!!! Just think about the all amazing benefits of giving your body a little 3 day vacay from all the delicious crap we put in it constantly (aka meat, dairy, booze etc.).

    Let me know if you decide to cleanse or if you have any other questions in the comments below!

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