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gift guide 2017 : travel

travel gift guide - 2017 holiday - STYLE ME GRASIEThis one’s for the jet setters and travel addicts.  The perfect gifts for any guy or gal that spends a lot of time away from home.


Wireless Headphones $399.99

Travel in style with these wireless/noise cancelling headphones. Planes and trains are noisy! Quite the madness and listen to your favorite jams with no strings attached.





Carry On Cocktail Kit $90

Cocktails!…the perfect start to any trip.  This trio of carry on cocktails is TSA approved.  Plus each kit makes two yummy cocktails.




Portable Charger $69

A dead cellphone means no picture, no social media and no music. Sometimes that’s a blessing but not when you’re traveling.  This portable charger provides 2.5 full charges!



Away Luggage Set of 3 $695

Perfect luggage is a necessity for travel.  This 3 piece luggage set is the gift dreams are made of.  Three different sizes for all different type of trips.  The “Bigger Carry-On” even has a USB port to charge your phone! I have this luggage. It’s THE BEST!



Portable Espresso Maker $60

This handheld espresso maker is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur who travels for work. No more crappy coffee when traveling to places without artisan coffee shops. (I may need this for myself! I’m such a coffee snob.)



Packing Cube Set $98

An organized suitcase means a happy traveler.  These packing cubes help your traveling pal organize their shoes, clean laundry, dirty laundry and toiletries.





Portable Speaker $129

This compact portable speaker is the perfect size to take anywhere.  It has an 8 hour battery life and its water resistant!






Tumi Travel Scale $50

Packing luggage is definitely a skill.  This travel scale can relieve the stress of knowing whether or not your bag is over the 50lb limit. Because no one likes repacking their bags when checking in at the airport.





Cashmere Travel Set $395

This cashmere travel set is perfect for the gal on the go.  It comes with an adorable cashmere face mask and blanket.


travel gift guide - 2017 holiday - STYLE ME GRASIE



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