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halloween inspiration

It’s that time of the year again…time to rack my brain for Halloween costume ideas. This year, Damien and I are going to The Magic Castle with friends and have to dress up. I love The Magic Castle, but I have no idea what to wear!!! I’m digging a high-fashion, mascarade, Skeletor look, but can I pull it off and what would I call it? We’ll see! Are you dressing up for Halloween? Fill me in below, I’m always so intrigued with what people come up with.

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  • HMinzombia

    I really wanted to go as Dawn Wiener but then I chopped all my hair off back in August. I’m thinking of going as Lisbeth Salander to work (at the library..I wanted something literary that the patrons would recognize) and Marla Singer for weekend parties.

    I love the masquerade look! And especially Sarah from Labyrinth! Seriously, my favorite movie ever!

    • wow great ideas! have a happy and safe halloween! xo