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happiest place on earth

Last night Damien and I went to Disneyland for a Holiday event for the radio station he works at. The park was closed from 9p-1a for radio staff, family and station contest winners…it was rad. Disneyland is seriously the happiest place on earth (they’re not just saying that), especially when it’s dark and cool out and there are no (or very short) lines for the rides. We had smiles on our faces all night long.

We rode the Tea Cups and though we were both on the verge of puking we could not stop spinning the wheel to go faster. The children in us were really emerging. It was a blast. 
Being the massive Michael Jackson fan that I am, the highlight of the night for me, was the Captain EO Tribute. Originally released in 1986, this 3D short film experience still holds up today and reminds you of the great talent MJ was.

Don’t mind us in our bad-ass 3D glasses…we’re such dorks! 
The It’s A Small World ride was lit up like crazy! Complete with musical accompaniment. Once inside I felt like an 8 year old again. Growing up in NY, I went to Disneyworld in Florida (not even sure I knew Disneyland existed) and I remember It’s A Small World being my favorite ride. Something about the music, lights and the idea behind it all, made me very happy. Still does. 
I ♥ Disneyland