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trick or treat

Last night I finally did something festive for Halloween, which I guess was appropriate since last night was actually Halloween. Damien, Hayden and I went over to our friend’s house to hand out candy to trick or treaters. There was wine, snacks, lots of candy and last minute costumes, it was a blast!

The comedy of the night came from seeing 5 grown men and 2 dogs run to the door every time a child knocked and yelled “Trick or Treat!” What do you think the parents of these children were thinking? It was fun. 
My last minute costume? An Indian. Damien’s last minute costume? A White Man. Racist? Absolutely! 
Best costumes of the night go to Dave as The Brawny Man and adorable baby Louise as a Lady Bug.

Okay, ever heard of the 1980s smash hit horror film The Children? No? Good! Because it’s terrible but the kind of terrible that is so so fantastic. Get it, watch it, laugh. Laugh hard. 
And finally, Junior and Hayden, the two most adorable dogs on the planet. Look at the focus in Hayden’s eyes. I’m holding treats.

Hope your Halloween was fun, festive and safe. OMG, the holiday season have officially kicked off, you guys!