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i’m off to get hitched!


This is it y’all! I’m 2 days away from being a Mrs! It’s so crazy how fast it all happened. It’s been quite a ride planning my own wedding with lots of fun tasks (and some annoying ones too). I can’t wait to see it all come together. I love Damien so freaking much and I’m so excited to share his name (or at least, the hyphenated version, hehe). I’m going to be offline the next few days (duh) but not completely. I will, of course, Instagram the crap out of our rehearsal dinner, maybe even sneak a shot on the big day and definitely post a ton from our mini-moon in Laguna Beach this weekend. So follow me, @grasiemercedes, for all the wedding festivities! There will be a new post here on Monday, July 1st. Until then, make sure to enter this fabulous giveaway, and the next time I write I will officially be Grasie Mercedes-Fahey!!! How exciting! (I just got chills typing my name like that!) For more on my wedding planning journey, check out my Style Me Bridal series, by clicking here.

  • Katie @ Loverly She

    Yay!!! Have a wonderful wedding – the day goes by so quickly, just soak up every minute and every detail of it 🙂

    • thanks for that! i will definitely do my best to soak it all in. xoxo

  • tishmerritt

    congrats!!!! Love is in the air….(music notes)

    • aww thank you!!!!!!! xo

  • designRoundup

    Congrats! And be sure to enjoy every moment! Yeah!

    • Woot! Sure did! As you can see, I’m finally catching up on my comment replies :O

  • Milka

    hey gracie, all the very best for you and your soon to be hubby. Wishing you a happy and love-abiding marriage. I can’t wait to see some pics. You are a true fashion inspiration. -milka-

    • Thank you Milka! That is such a sweet comment!!! Officially wedding pics will arrive in about a month…I can’t wait to share them! xo