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    Bridal, Family, LIFESTYLE • January 29, 2013

    When I found out the average cost of hiring a florist for a wedding was in the $2k-$5k range, I almost had a heart attack.

    When I found out the average cost of hiring a florist for a wedding was in the $2k-$5k range, I almost had a heart attack. For flowers?!! That will die the next day?!! Huh? My dress was nowhere near $5k, why would I spend that on flowers!!! (I was very upset) Luckily, I have crafty, resourceful friends who offered to take care of my flowers for me. Really? OK! Angela had done this for her wedding and Stacy is super crafty, but I still wanted to do a trial run, to figure out exactly what I wanted and if this was all possible.


    So Angela, Stacy & I took a trip to the flower district in downtown LA. Blocks of flower markets large and small selling flowers at wholesale prices. These are the same flowers, florists all over LA use in their arrangements. I knew I wanted simple, pretty romantic flowers that looked like they were just plucked and thrown together. Nothing too big or over done. (This has pretty much been my motto for all things wedding related.)


    After some browsing, I decided to go with these pale pink tea roses, white roses, some white flowers as fillers and these awesome green, ball-shaped, Brazilian plants.


    Once back at Angela’s we had 30 minutes (we all had appointments that day) to put some prototypes together. In that time, we made a boutineer, a table centerpiece and 4 bouquets. Though we were rushed I think they came out beautiful! Best of all, I spent $42 on all the flowers and supplies (floral tape, burlap ribbon, twine, glue dots & pins). Bringing my estimated wedding day total to around $400. Bam! I just saved thousands of dollars!!!


    All in all, I would give any bride-to-be this advice; if you have one or two crafty or even slightly creative friends, put them to work. Find out where the florists in your hometown get their flowers and go there. Research floral arrangements and make sure you go for flowers that are not too delicate or wilt easily. It’s an pretty easy DIY and super fun too. You can even have your bridesmaids make their own bouquets. You’ll save a ton of money and put your own personal touch on your big day.  PS – Note this post is labeled “Style Me Bridal” (not Wedding Wednesday)… I’m doing some rebranding on SMG, starting with this series. Exciting changes to come this Summer!


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