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style me bridal – dress inspiration

Let’s get real for a second, shall we? You put the word “wedding” in front of anything and it instantly cost about 200% more. From the cake to the flowers and of course…the dress!  Sticking to a budget has been, by far, the hardest part of planning our wedding. There are so many gorgeous options in every category and you have to constantly remind yourself of that lingering number you’re trying to stick to. This has been especially hard when looking for a dress. There is a HUGE discrepancy in the wedding dress world between high end/gorgeous and low end/terrible. Luckily, I found two mid range options that I love…and chances are, I will be wearing one of their designs on my big day.

The Inspiration – If you ask me, Monique Lhuillier is the queen of bridal. It was my first stop when beginning my wedding dress search. Her gowns are gorgeous, romantic, timeless and make you feel like a princess. Downfall? Prices start at 4k, with the dresses I loved most, running at about 6k-10k! Now, if I were a baller, I’d be all in. But, for a girl looking to buy a house with her future hubs and start a family in a couple of years, spending 10k on a dress I’ll wear for 5 hours, is not an option. Thank God, for the next two designers! The PossibilitiesSarah Seven & JCrew are looking like the front runners, in my quest for a dress, with Sarah Seven leading the race. Both have beautiful gowns in their collections that are unique and classic. As you can probably tell fromt these photos, I’m a sucker for a sweetheart bodice with a full skirt. Sarah Seven has that design locked down with dresses that have a cool, vintage feel.JCrew has more of a laid back pretty vibe that’s also very appealing. Both designers have price tags in the $500-$2500 range…which is right up my alley! Hooray! I’ll be making my final decision and purchase in the next 2 weeks. It’s so very exciting. Picking out a dress is definitely the best part of wedding planning and I can not wait to walk down the aisle in it. Check back here the week of Christmas for a LookTV video I did at Lovely bridal salon, where I try on wedding dresses! Can’t wait to share it with you! Have any wedding dress stories you want to share? What designer did you wear? Or are you planning a wedding or just have the perfect dress in mind for the future? Fill me in below, would love to hear your story.

  • Natalie Hodak

    your dress inspiration choices are gorgeous! i wore a simple silk satin p’nina tornai gown. it was so light and comfortable and just perfect [].
    whatever you pick, i’m sure it’ll be gorgeous!


    • aww love it. thanks for sharing! xo

  • designRoundup

    Love your inspiration dresses, I’m sure you will look gorge in whatever dress you pick. My dress was by vineyards. I love it, I even had pockets added to it. I’m a sucker for pockets. It also had pearls beaded all over the bodice, just enough bling to not look like a mirror.

    • Nice… Sounds so pretty! Thanks got sharing!