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style me bridal : my hello giggles confession

wedding wednesday - my hello giggles confession

It’s been a little while since my last Wedding Wednesday post…not because I’m being lazy but because after the first initial, frantic rush to get a million things done when you begin planning your wedding…things settle down for about 3 months. Then, the last 3 months before the wedding, things get hectic again. In the meantime, I decided to write about my wedding planning experience for Hello Giggles. I normally have a weekly fashion column on the site but decided recently to use HG as an outlet to write about other things. Between Style Me Grasie, LookTV, this new MTV gig and general style blogger events & duties…I can sometimes be “fashioned out!” With that, here’s a snippet of my latest Hello Giggles post entitled “Planning a Wedding Kind of Sucks, But At Least There’s Cake.” Click the screen shot below to read the full post. Happy Hump Day!

  • Rocio Carlon

    This was great! I loved and thanks for saying it! Planning a wedding does indeed does suck and you can’t even say that it sucks because people look at you look you are a horrible human being who doesn’t love thier future husband. I’m a month away from my wedding and even though I’m over the moon excited to get married to my wonderful guy, man do I hate the planning!

    • thank YOU! and have a great time at your wedding!!!! and yes, i totally agree, when you mention not having fun planning your wedding, people do think you’re a monster and it has nothing to do with your man. I can’t wait to marry him! 🙂