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el café del futuro : café bustelo scholarship

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Family is the most important thing in the world to me and I’m so proud to be from a strong, Dominican home. I’m first generation American and the first to go to college in my immediate family, which is something they (and I) are immensely proud of. Education has always been important to us and I took that very seriously as a child. I always loved school, worked hard and knew I would go to college. Growing up in NYC, my dream school was always NYU. The day I was accepted to the university was one of the happiest days of my life but it wasn’t cheap. My family worked so hard to get me what I needed to be there all 4 years and even live in the dorms for my first two years and study abroad! That is what support is about, that’s family!

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I know a college education can be crazy expensive and that’s why I’m so happy to partner with Café Bustelo to tell you about their El Café Del Futuro scholarship. I grew up watching my grandma making Café Bustelo in an aluminum stovetop coffee maker for herself and anyone who stepped into our home. She lived with me and my mom for most of my childhood and I attribute my love for coffee to her. For me, Café Bustelo is epitome Latino heritage and community so it makes sense they would partner with HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities).

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The essay contest is for students of Latino descent living in the U.S. and the topic is to describe how their Latino heritage, family and community that they grew up with has impacted their design and motivation to obtain a college degree and what they intend to accomplish with their degree and how they’ll give back to the community. Deadline to enter is May 27th, 2016. If you (or someone you know) fit this description, I hope you enter and whether you win or not, know that you’ve already won with your commitment to your education.


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