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style me acts : f**k, marry, kill

I promised you here that I would share my acting life more and I’m keeping my promise! Here’s a short I wrote and acted in with a few of my talented friends. Together we have formed a production company/creative collective where we all contribute our talents as actors, writers, producers, directors, editors and musicians to create our own work! It’s called In Bed Films and I and you can find out more on our Facebook page here. For now, check out the video above and if you’re so inclined subscribe to our channel and give it some love. YAY! Thanks in advance for watching and WARNING we drop the F bomb about a million times so view with caution. Enjoy!

  • Oh my God I love it. That was super cute. LOL. I love the end with the three guys, I didnt see that coming. All the best to you and your friends with the production company.

    • Lol Glad you liked it!!! Thanks for watching! xo

  • Congrats on the newest venture! Can’t wait to see what all you guys have up your sleeve(s).