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    VIDEOS, LIFE, Acting, Featured • January 26, 2017

    Here are two versions of a commercial spot I recently shot for Capital One!

    Grasie Mercedes - Portrait

    How do you like the dramatic portrait I used for the featured image? It’s part of series of photos I took with my friend Alona Forsyth. She’s super talented and I can’t wait to share more!

    Here are two versions of a commercial spot I recently shot for Capital One! I promised I would share more acting gigs and so I’m sticking to that promise. I’ve been keeping busy with auditions, shots and projects lately and I love sharing it all with you! For the day to day, play by play, follow me on Insta Stories and/or Snapchat (I try to do both) @grasiemercedes.

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    1. Your outfit is gorgeous as usual, but we already knew that. What’s even more gorgeous is your mind! Thank you for using your platform to spread love and information! I am so sorry that these are the times we live in still…in 2017. Sending much love! And pinky swear to do my part in calling out racism and hate.

    2. Darling I am moved by your statements and agree and endorse your message . I would also like to add that these same vile people target the LGBT community, the physically and mentally challenged, and all who speak out against them. If any good can come out of this tragedy, it is that we have seen the faces of these cowards and will not allow them to go back to normal. Out the enemies!!
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