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that actor life

grasie mercedes headshot It occurred to me, that though right there on my home page I declare myself an actress, I never (or rarely) post about that part of my life. I guess it’s because this site is mostly dedicated to fashion and lifestyle but honestly, acting is a huge part of me and therefore should at least be a small part of “Style Me Grasie!” Right? Right. So starting today, I will share that world with you as often as there is something new to talk about in the “LIFE” section of my categories. The challenging part of that is so many projects are under strict NDAs, so while I can’t always tell you everything, I can at least share my experiences, thoughts on what I’m doing.

grasie mercedes headshot

YAY! I’m excited to open up about this part of me. OK, to begin here’s a quick overview. Currently I audition mostly for commercials and have booked/shot 3 in the past year. One for Esurance, which I’ll share below and more recently a Toyota commercial (I can’t wait to share this one, it’s pretty funny!) and a McDonald’s commercial that I shot last week.

grasie mercedes headshot

In the tv/film world, I just started working with a new manager and hope to audition for tv and film more but I’m also creating my own stuff! I’ve formed an artistic collective of talented friends and together we are writing, producing, shooting and editing our own shorts! I’ll definitely be sharing those on here soon too.

We’ll there’s a quick intro into my actor life. So much more to come…hope you enjoy the insight.

:30 Esurance Spot