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apartment sweet apartment

apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeover

One of the most amazing perks of having a wedding (besides marrying your sweetheart, of course) are the gifts! I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty rad to have boxes show up at your doorstep ever other day, for about 6 months. Just before our big day, we were swamped. Our apartment was a disaster with boxes every where you looked. We decided then, that we would give our place a little makeover, as husband and wife. This is the result…

apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverDamien and I are both huge music fans, which is pretty apparent the moment you walk into our place. Almost every book and piece of art is music related and that’s just the way we like it. Check out the vintage photo of my hot mama when she was just a baby. apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverThe whole process felt like a refreshing “upgrade” rather than a makeover. We really didn’t drastically change anything, as much as get rid of the clutter and move things around. But, making little adjustments throughout the place, like hanging this guitar that had been sitting on the floor for 2 years, made a great difference. apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverUsually when I shop for new furniture and decor, I hit up one store and try to find everything I need in one place (though my patience for home shopping is improving as I get older). This time around, I checked out every place I could think of and found little gems here and here, like this new glass desk, file cabinet and chair from CB2. Bookshelf above from World Market, coffee table and bar cart from the Fairfax flea market.apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverI even got some great home accessories at Urban Outfitters; like this hippo toothbrush holder that I decided to use on my desk as a hippo pens/highlighters/sharpies/scissors/coasters holder instead.apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverOr this elephant piggy bank (which is unfortunately no longer available) that I’m obsessed with! I love it so much and Damien is notorious for leaving change all around the apartment…now there’s an adorable place for it. apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverBy far, the most adult purchase was this fabulous bar cart. Our wedding registry had its fair share of glassware and bar accessories on it and our loving guests made sure we had every single item. Now we have glasses for any drink you can think of and bar tools for the most complicated of cocktails. We must have a shindig soon! apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverOur kitchen is not that big, with very little storage space. Our solution? Take the book shelf we formally had in the living room and stick it in the kitchen! Throw some appliances on it to create more counter space and use it to display pretty ceramics, cookbooks and vases. Voila! apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverapartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverThat’s Dakota being bad and walking on our dining room table. Cats are the worst! (I love her but she’s a bad, bad girl!)apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverSpeaking of cats…want to know what’s inside this cabinet? If you’re a cat owner there’s a pretty rad DIY you’re gonna want to check out. Right this wayapartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverA collage of some of our closest friends (minus Colbert, though Damien would love it if they became close friends, hehe) joined by a newly framed engagement photo, with well wishes from my NY bridal shower written around it.  apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverAnd last but not least, our bedroom, which is still a work in progress but so much better than it was before. We finally hung things up on the walls and painted an accent wall our favorite color blue. (It’s actually more of a blue-grey than the bright blue it looks like here, but you get the picture.) Lamps and white boxes from Ikea and new bedding from World Marketapartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverapartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverDamien’s minimalist man side of the room. With our framed wedding “guest book” records. apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverMy jewelry flea market, girly side of the room.apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverapartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverOh how I love accessories! apartment sweet apartment - STYLE ME GRASIE home makeoverSo there you have it…a peek inside our apartment 2.0! Let me know what you think and feel free to ask about any items I didn’t mention above. Apartment Sweet Apartment!

Photography by Sylvia G

  • Amanda

    Love it! You guys have such great style 🙂 I’m obsessed with the bookshelf with your Mama’s pic on it!! Where is it from?! Congrats on your recent nuptials 🙂

  • Tricia McCleary

    Love the “Grandma” Nancy photo tucked into that one shelf. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about her!

  • Hez

    The bar cart is as cute as I hoped! Thanks for the peek inside, Grasie. Can’t wait to get moved in to my new place now and start decorating!

    • yay!!! bar carts are the best! xo

  • designRoundup

    Looks lovely and cozy! I love the office nook! And the art galleries!

  • Rose

    what a beautiful place,you have great taste Grasie.

  • Luv and Kiwi

    I really love the idea of an engagement picture with well wishes written around it. Good keepsake!

    • thank you! that was my sister’s idea and i absolutely love it. xo

  • Roberta

    What a wonderful place!!! So great!!! So many cute and inspirational ideas!!! Thanks for posting!!!

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