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blank canvas

blank canvas - STYLE ME GRASIEblank canvas - STYLE ME GRASIEblank canvas - STYLE ME GRASIEblank canvas - STYLE ME GRASIEblank canvas - STYLE ME GRASIEIf you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you probably already know that Damien and I recently moved into a new place. Unfortunately, after a year long house hunt to purchase our first home, we had to throw in the towel. LA is having a real “moment” and the housing market is insane. Unless you have a million dollars in cash (which we definitely don’t), you are almost guaranteed to get out bid by someone who does. It’s pretty gross. So, instead of staying in our 1 bedroom apartment, that we had outgrown and being miserable, we decided to put the house hunting on hold and start the search for our dream apartment. Well, after a long 6 month hunt (yup, LA is definitely having a “moment”) we found the perfect place! A duplex apartment that’s the top floor of a beautiful house in the hills. Say what?! It’s everything we wanted and more. Our ideal neighborhood, in an area that is still walkable to so many great shops, restaurants and bars. Woot!

With the help of NorthStar Moving, who packed up our old apartment (can you say amazing?!) then flawlessly moved us into our new place, we are now settled into our lovely home. We spent a week unpacking (there were like a million boxes that luckily NorthStar later picked up to recycle) and are now in full decorating mode. I’ve always been a huge fan of home decor but never felt like a pro at it, so I enlisted the help of HomePolish. With the guidance of my super rad decorator Caroline, we are on our way! I can not wait to share lots of “home” posts with you. I promise to post a feature on every single room in the house and share links, tips and designer tricks. It’s all very exciting.

Photography by Sylvia G