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cabin fever

I want to run away to a cabin in the middle of no where with a hot tub and high fashion designer ice skates and it’s all your fault Jalouse Magazine.

Photos via J’ ♥ Wildfox



  • That sentiment is contagious.

  • Amanda

    Love your blog. And especially love the “no shopping necessary” videos – wish you would post more! I have a question. I have a jean shirt that I really wanna cut out the shoulders on, like Spencer had on “Pretty little liars” – but maybe this trend is already over? What do you think? Thanks, A.

    • hi amanda! thanks for the sweet compliment. im trying to link up with a production company to do more NSN videos so fingers crossed and stay tuned! as for the shirt. it’s a cool look that i think some people can definitely pull off. it was fun on spencer so why not give it a try! 

  • That looks like a wonderful time! I love the shoes!