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cat litter cabinet DIY

Let’s be honest, I am not much of a DIY pro. I have the ideas but always need help executing them. Luckily, I have the most crafty and resourceful friends on the planet. Enter C.C. and Harry…
I cannot stand the sight of a litter box. It’s absolutely the worst thing about having cats. So, my mission was to find a cabinet of sorts and cut an entry hole, where the cats can go in and do their business.  
C.C. found this piece at St. Vincent De Paul in downtown LA for $30! (Oh and did I mention that super ugly cat litter cabinets sell for $150-500 online?!) C.C.’s a great friend who knows where to find good sh*t. She’s launching a DIY blog called FewBits, you are all gonna want to check out.Harry took care of cutting the wood. He’s DA MAN! 90 years old and more active than Damien and I put together. Sad but true. Instead of a bulky litter box, I went to Target and got a plastic storage bin that was 16″l x 12″w x 7″tall. It’s a large enough for our kitties to use and slim enough to fit in the cabinet. I used the nook to store their food bowl which just so happens to be high enough to keep our dog Hayden from getting to it. 
I added some finishing touches on top and viola! A cat litter cabinet that’s not an eye sore and only cost $30 to make! Woot!