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effen vodka + art of design

Last night I attended the Effen Vodka Presents Art of Design event with my cousin Jamie. It was held at the Marvimon House in downtown LA and featured the stunning work of local designers and a mixology contest! 
Five teams (named after colors) competed to create the top Effen cocktail with the most innovating ingredients. Using marbles that were dropped into an empty vodka bottle, attendees voted on their favorite drink of the night…it was dangerously fun.

Designer artwork was on display throughout the venue and LA’s style and art lovers were out in full force.

Speaking of…there is nothing I love more than unexpected run-ins, like this one with Laurie of  Laurie B Style
This one with two of the cutest girls on the planet from my Monday acting class…
And this one with designer Amanda Thomas of Luv AJ…beyond adorable. 
Team Purple won my taste buds and my marbles with their blackberry and mint concoction. Sometimes I wish I can shop the clothes people are wearing, on the spot, I would have bought this dress and the boots below. 
After the event, I made Jamie humor me with an impromptu photo shoot. She was a pro. I love her. Downtown LA at sunset…pretty, pretty. What a lovely way to spend a Summer evening.