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If you follow me on Instagram, then you definitely know one thing…I LOVE FOOD! Especially things that are not great for me like In N Out and pizza. But, I beg to differ and say anything in moderation (I only eat those things about once a month though everyone swears I eat it every day!) is great for you. As much as I’m a veggie lover too, there’s just something about a juicy burger, spicy Mexican food or a medium rare steak, that I can’t resist. And yes, there are days when I cook healthier things at home (see the veggie plate and avocado and peach salad below) but no matter how tasty a healthy meal is, there is truly something glorious about a fatty, salty, spicy, delicious meal. I LOVE FOOD!

insta-yum - STYLE ME GRASIETwo slices of cheese from Joe’s Pizza // BBQ burger & butter lettuce salad at Laurel Tavern // A 24 oz (I’m disgusting) rib-eye at Quality Meats in NY // Giant margarita in Houston (because I love a good cocktail too) // Homemade pasta with peas // Old Fashioned //  At home avocado & peach salad // Brunch at Grub // Homemade breaded & fried chicken tenders on a bed of greens

insta-yum - STYLE ME GRASIEVeggie Pho at Hoyka Noodle // Fish taco plate at Tacos Delta in Silverlake // Homemade turkey chili // Mint tequila mojitos // Pinkberry froyo // Delicious iced soy latte from a small cafe in Soho, NY // Homemade veggie plate with hummus and spinach dip // IN N OUT!!! double-double animal style with fries well done // Homemade pan fried chicken with brown rice & salad

YUM! I’m hungry.