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ladies night

I’m much more of a lounge bar, dive bar, cozy restaurant type of gal, but every once in a while, a girl’s got to have an all-out Ladies Night! Myself and a few of my fab friends did just that, last night. We hit up a cabaret 4-course meal at Supper Club then had late night cocktails at Hemingway’s…it was a LA night to remember. That’s Mindy, Taye of Stuff She Likes (a wonderful blog you should check out), Michelle and me! 
And this is Roberta or as I like to call her, Birdie! She’s is the best hair colorist on the planet, so if you’re in LA and looking for a new do check her out at Helmet Salon.    
Now I ask you, who wouldn’t enjoy dinner while watching half-naked women fly through the air and play with fire?!
Can we talk about this lil guy for a second? He was at dinner with his parents, working the dance floor and riding a tricycle that just happened to be around. Mindy rocked the longest earrings I’ve ever seen in my life and I LOVED it. She’s such a bad-ass fashionista. 
Taye and I just started hanging out and are already getting the “Are you two sisters?” question. Okay, I see it here…I see it. 
Not really the best outfit post but I was wearing American Apparel dress, Urban Outfitters skirt (on top of dress), Forever 21 heels, Vintage belt, purse & tuxedo blazer (not shown).

By the time we got to Hemingway’s we were buzzed and photo’d out! But, I did get this one shot of the gorgeous decor. Books…get it? Hemingway! (Sorry, I’m a dork.) Ladies Night was a blast! We danced, bonded, stuffed our faces and drank the night away (responsibly, of course). Is there anything better than girlfriends? I think not.