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There are a lot of changes going on in the Mercedes/Fahey household. All good things though, which is fantastic. First off, we’re moving! Only about a mile away from where we are now, but never the less…moving. In an attempt to save and buy a home in a couple of years, we are moving from our lovely 2 bedroom house to an adorable but modest 1 bedroom apartment. The good news? We’ll be paying half the rent and still be in the same neighborhood! The bad news? Less space, specifically…less closet space. But I’m up for the challenge! Stay tuned for DIY and apartment posts to take you on our journey of making our new apartment feel like a home. First up…stylish solutions to create more closet space.

Photos via A Pair & A Spare

  • Sylvia G

    I’m DEFINITELY going to try some of these sometime. They all look so classy for exposed closets.

    • right?! i love it. the key is to display similar palettes and tones. so chic! 

  • I LOVE these closet solutions, I’m so gonna try one of these in our new place! 

    • yes! send me pics. i will definitely be using some of you DIY tips for our new place. xo

  • Francis Kenneth

    If only I could stop adding to my closet…

    • never stop! 🙂 just keep it organized. this is a great option! 

  • Cait

    Really love the idea of using a clothing rack in a room. Why not display my pretty clothes? They can double as art.

  • Jen M

    I love exposed closets right now! you don’t even have to open a door to see what you want to wear!

  • Jess D

    love the idea, but what are some good show solutions?

  • Ashley M

    So cute!!!

  • I had to build extra closet space for myself in my last apartment. I used super cute extra long curtains from Ikea in one corner and had a hanging rack. Worked like a charm, plus was a cute splash of pattern in my decor. 🙂

    • oh great idea! thanks for the tip!

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