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paper love story

I recently received a “Thank You” card in the mail, from a friend who’s baby shower I attended. It was beautiful and made me smile. I miss that. With the invention of Evite, Facebook and Paperless Post, gone are the days of hand written cards and personalized invitations. I mean, obviously they still exist, just not used nearly as often. I walked into Paper Source yesterday (I think that “Thank You” card really got to me!) and just browsed around. I didn’t need to buy an invitation, greeting card or wrapping paper, I just wanted to look. I found so many cards that I loved, I started inventing reasons to throw a party. (I’m not throwing a party, just imagined I would). I did decide however, that I would start a collection of cards. A pretty box full of cards for random occasions that I can run to whenever necessary. Isn’t that a great idea? What’s your paper love story?

Card images via Paper Source


  • Love this post! I have a soft spot for handwritten letters and cards. A friend and I used to write to each other while we were in college, even though we had email and texting. It was so exciting to see the envelope in the mailbox when a letter arrived! Plus now we have an archive of our friendship (I like to imagine when I’m a famous writer, someone will collect all these letters into a book haha). I still send thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards. And when I get one in the mail, it makes me so happy. When you realize the other person took a few minutes to sit down and write to you personally, it’s a good feeling. I love this idea of collecting pretty cards in a box, too! 

    • thanks kristin! GREAT story! how sweet and awesome. yeah, i’m definitely going to take the time out to write/send actual cards from now on 🙂