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that’s a wrap!

I go to NY for Christmas on Monday…which is Christmas Eve…which hopefully means that this year my mom will have already wrapped all the gifts because usually I go home the week before Christmas (instead of after) and she makes me wrap everything! Ha! Ironically this season, I’ve been really into wrapping gifts and taking my time with each present. Using ribbon, tree sprigs, letter stamps and mini ornaments to create festive and personalized packaging, that’s a gift in itself.
Here are two of my creations as documented on Instagram.
wrap it up - STYLE ME GRASIEwrap it up - STYLE ME GRASIEAnd here are some more gift wrapping ideas via Pinterest. I’m especially in love with using old sweaters and plaid shirts to wrap gifts…how inventive and cozy! What’s your go-to gift wrapping method?wrap it up - STYLE ME GRASIE
wrap it up - STYLE ME GRASIE
wrap it up - STYLE ME GRASIE

  • designRoundup

    Very nice Grasie! I also like the gray wool and shirt wrap!

    • thanks! it’s so cute right?! i need to try it next year.