reader survey - RESULTS

    reader survey – results!

    Featured, LIFESTYLE • January 27, 2018

    The results are in! First of all, thank you so much for participating! This reader survey was eye-opening and extremely helpful.

    reader survey - RESULTS The results are in! First of all, thank you so much for participating! This reader survey was eye-opening and extremely helpful. I will be taking all your input into account and let it influence future content. The cool thing is overall you guys seem happy with what I’m doing, so YAY! But there were also some surprises…okay here we go!

    About YOU

    The next few questions I asked were about you and your blogger reading habits.

    77% of you are NOT content creators which is surprising! It seems as though everyone is a social media something or other these days, so it’s cool to hear so many of my readers are not. Along these lines most of you found me on Instagram. In fact, more than half of you did. Others found me from all sorts of places and friend referrals, so thank you friends!

    54% of you follow bloggers for style and beauty inspiration, 24% for a connection with someone like you, 12% for shopping links and 44% for a combination of all of the above. You were almost evenly split when it comes to how often you visit blogger websites. Half of you visit them everyday or 1-2 times a week, while the other half rarely visits or stops by a couple times a month. When it comes to your personal style, I was happy to see that 0% wore designer only! Ha! I mean who can afford designer only anyway. But, like me, the vast majority of you, 80%, either wear chain store only or a mix of high/low fashion. YASSSS!


    This was a very insightful section. Personally, I’m always so curious as to how often people use Instagram and according this survey, we all use it ALL THE TIME. You prefer either a mix or fancy and iPhone photos or you prefer iPhone photos. Only 4% of you prefer fancy pics which takes a huge load off my shoulders. There have been so many times when I didn’t post a photo because I thought the quality wasn’t up to par.

    Content wise, the top 4 things you want to see on my Instagram feed are as follows:

    1. Outfit photos (duh) 😉
    2. Behind-the-scene photos from photo shoots & acting jobs (I’ll do more of these!)
    3. Photos with Damien (he’s gonna be happy about this one)
    4. Hair photos (yay curls!)

    Sadly, photos with Hayden and landscape photos tied for last place. That hurts a bit. I’ll still share these because I love them both (especially Hayden!) but I respect your opinion and will only do them rarely.

    You overwhelming prefer Instagram Stories over Instagram Live 95% to 5%! Which makes sense. Instagram Live is weird. Unless you are interviewing someone or doing a tutorial, I really don’t see the point. 41% of you use Highlight Stories! YAY! I really like the new Highlights feature. I think storing useful stories can really come in handy. And for the 25% of you who didn’t know what that was…if you go to my Instagram profile page you’ll see circles labeled with different subjects. That’s a Highlight Story!

    Content wise, the top 4 things you want to see on my Instagram Stories are as follows:

    1. Me talking to camera telling you about my day (I’ll try to do this as much as possible but it can be challenging on really busy days)
    2. Photos of what I’m wearing that day with tags to brands (Done! Plus I’ll add them to my “Outifts” Highlights)
    3. Recipes for meals/drinks I make at home (Also done! And I’ll add those to my “Yum” Highlights)
    4. Food/drinks/places I like to eat/drink (Great! Because I love to eat & drink and can add these to “Yum” Highlights as well)

    And in 5th place was something I (we) love to do…singing in the car alone or with Damien! lol

    reader survey - RESULTS

    My Blog

    Majority of you do in fact visit my blog…yay! Some every day, most just a few times a week or month. This is really important to me. While Instagram is definitely the hot app of the moment, blog websites are evergreen. No matter what happens with social media, my website is all mine and can exist as long as I want it to.

    Content wise, the top 4 things you want to see on my blog are as follows:

    1. Outfit posts (Okay, I get it 😉 )
    2. Personal essays (This got almost as many votes as outfits! 68% to 70%! So I’ll take the hint and write longer personal essays as often as possible)
    3. Travel guides (Fine, I travel more, twist my arm why don’t you)
    4. Beauty, skincare, makeup (I’ll do more of these too, as they are pretty rare at the moment)

    The great thing about these results is that it has focused my ideas when it comes to content. Sometimes as a blogger you get bored, so you try to think of all sorts of new things to write about. But at the end of the day, your readers want what they want. This helps me to think of new ways to bring content you already enjoy, instead of scrambling for completely different content ideas. So more outfits, travel and beauty coming right up. Plus, a new series of personal essays that I can’t wait to write!

    For video content, you guys want to see:

    1. Vlogs talking about life/rants (Be careful what you wish for! Lol)
    2. Interviews with women I love/admire (LOVE this idea!)
    3. Outfit & trend videos (This could be fun!)
    4. Hair & makeup tutorials (These were tied)

    Video content is huge right now but also way more work to produce than photos. So, while I can’t promise videos all the time, I will commit to try for a new video a month!

    Final Thoughts

    This was my favorite part of the survey!!! The fill-in optional part at the end! Thank you for making the effort to tell me your thoughts. This was the most eye-opening part!

    What is something you think bloggers including myself, should STOP doing immediately?

    You guys hate blogger mail Insta Stories!!! This was the number one answer by far! I can’t really blame you. It’s rampant and excessive and while I’m totally guilty of doing, I will admit to always feeling not great about it. Mostly I think we do it to show our appreciation to the brands for sending us free stuff. I personally ONLY show you things I genuinely like and am excited about or things I want you to know about because I think they’re cool. Some people do like seeing this on stories but maybe it’s time we all stop? Or at least do it less?

    You’re also not a fan of gift guides, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale or anything/event/collaboration where a ton of bloggers are all promoting the same thing, at the same time and to this I say AMEN! I feel you! And you just let me “off the hook.” The thing is there’s a lot of FOMO that happens in the blogger world. If every blogger is doing something, you can feel like a “bad blogger” for not doing it. But I say, to each their own! I for one will not be stressing over gift guides and sales etc any longer. I never enjoyed doing them in the first place and always felt like the work and stress weren’t worth the return.

    Other things that bloggers should STOP doing that came up a lot are:

    • Wearing an outfit that costs thousands of dollars that no one can really afford
    • Posting an outfit or beauty photo when there’s a political or social event happening and NOT talking about said event (pretending that the world isn’t happening outside of Instagram)
    • Posting too many Instagram Stories (If there are too many dots, you check out)
    • Pretending like your life is perfect and never sharing the “bad stuff” or never posting without looking perfect on Stories
    • Sponsored posts that don’t feel authentic or like a brand you actually like

    Overall you guys want bloggers to keep it real and to be original. YES TO ALL OF THIS! Thank you for your candid responses to this question. And thank you for constantly saying “You don’t do this but…” even if sometimes I do do this. You guys are the best! Okay now for the other side of the coin!

    What is something you think bloggers including myself, should KEEP doing?

    To my pleasant surprise so many of you think bloggers should keep speaking out on political and social issues and use their platform to shed light. WOOHOO!!!! This makes me SO happy! I know I speak out on all political and social issues that I’m passionate about but so many bloggers don’t. I know a lot of them don’t because they are worried about offending their following and/or brands. But here’s the thing, bloggers are people too. They have thoughts, opinions and minds. If your following wants a mannequin that just wears pretty clothes, they can follow brands and look at styled models all day long. They follow you for YOU and should get all of you. So I hope this inspires other bloggers to be vocal. Of course, if someone just rather not speak out on things, that’s their right too. But for those that do, but don’t because of fear of isolating readers, I say F that! Now, MORE THAN EVER, we all need to speak out and speak loud.

    Be yourself, be original. Again it sounds like readers are craving authenticity and transparency. Countless responses were about keeping it real. Sharing personal stories and experiences and letting readers into your lives. I try to do this as much as possible and I will admit, it can be challenging. The most personal I’ve ever been is when I shared our infertility story. It was one of the hardest things to write and reveal but the response was incredible. It made me realize how loving, compassionate and kick-ass my audience is and how lucky I am to have them. Sharing my story helped me get to know you better, so I will continue to do just that.

    Other things that bloggers should KEEP doing that came up a lot are:

    • Wearing affordable clothing
    • Supporting one another and uplifting other woman (YES!)
    • Engaging with their audience (Comment back!)

    That last thing I asked you was the number one reason you followed me and I will say these responses brought me to tears. I’m keeping those responses to myself because they feel personal and like a gift from you to me. So THANK YOU! And thank you again for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate every, single response. I feel inspired, energized and excited to work on new content! xo

    reader survey - RESULTS

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