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the grasie guide : trois familia

palm trees and restaurant signagechilaquiles and churro french toastfrench mexican foodbehind the counter


close up on eggs chilaquiles


churro french toast close up

Churro French Toast

signature hot sauce

Get to know Trois Familia. A quaint spot in Silver Lake that serves up breakfast and lunch inspired by Mexican, French and Cali cooking…what?! YES! They recently opened in my hood and I’ve been practicing restraint and have only been there three times so far and let me tell you, it’s excellent. The two dishes above, the Chilaquiles and Churro French Toast, are so excellent that I can’t stand to order anything else from the menu for fear they couldn’t possibly be as delicious as these two!!! Also, I’ve only been for breakfast. For lunch, I hear/see that the Chicken Milanese and Potato Tacos are also extraordinary, but let me talk of what I know:

Chilaquiles: A perfectly cooked over-easy egg on top a crisp hash brown sitting in a tangy, spicy sauce that will drive you mad it’s so good. It definitely has a kick, but won’t leave you crying. Except for when you’re done eating, then you’ll cry, because you’ll want more. It’s a small dish definitely made just for one person. “No, you CAN’T have a bite, Damien!”

Churro French Toast: Umm, so you combined two delicious things and turned them into one even more delicious thing? OK! Did I mention it’s topped with vanilla ice cream?! Enough said.

If you find yourself on the east side of LA anytime soon, be sure to stop into Trois Familia because the hype is real y’all. Don’t be intimidated by the massive line and sign in sheet, the longest I’ve yet to wait is 30 minutes for a table and that was on Saturday morning at around 11a, so I deserved it. If you can, go on week day morning to wait less. Enjoy!