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how to: perfect red lips

I’m a lipstick gal for sure, but there was a time I would run screaming from it, especially a bold color like red. I was worried about getting it on my teeth, on my clothes and everywhere in between. I didn’t think red would look good on me or that I could pull it off. Then one day I realized that was just my insecure mind feeding me a bunch of poo poo and decided to go for it. I learned a few tricks on the best ways to apply red lips so that it wouldn’t smudge and actually stay on all day. Lipstick quickly became my thing (as you can probably tell from my outfit posts). I started wearing color all the time and now I feel naked without it. Red, Orange, Pink = Yes, Yes, Yes! In this How To video I made for Hello Giggles, I share my simple tips with you.
This weekend, try putting on those lips, girl! Enjoy.


  • Amanda

    Just found your blog! Totally and utterly fabulous! I am becoming your newest follower like NOW!

    • Aww thank you!!! So happy you found it and like it. Woot!

  • Marta R

    I love red lips, but I didn’t know how to do them look well…so thanks a lot for this tips!! I’m going to try this tricks asap!! 🙂

    • Awesome! Let me know how it goes!

  • Happy Healthy Belly

    Fantastic video!!  Totally doing this tomorrow!!

    • woot woot! take a pic and send it over 🙂

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