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dove #speakbeautifully

Words are important. What you say can deeply impact someone around you, without you even knowing.

I’m excited to share that Dove has developed a tool to measure the impact of Tweets, specifically as it pertains to beauty and body image called the #SpeakBeautiful Effect.  As part of their continued effort to raise self-esteem around the globe, this tool will give girls and women personalized insights about their social media presence, to help them be a part of positive change. By simply retweeting an invitation from Dove, the #SpeakBeautiful Effect will analyze a user’s 6-month Twitter history and generate different analyses all meant to help women understand how their Tweets impact others.

I took the invitation and was happy to see that my Tweets are inspiring and positive, and the most common emotion in my beauty Tweets is love. See my results below and get your insights by RT’ing this from Dove. It’s so simple yet so impactful. Because of my results, I’m more aware of how important what I write on social media is and how it can affect my audience. I will continue to Tweet in a positive light and hope to inspire others to do the same.

I love this initiative! Negativity is a monster that destroys self-esteem, self-love and beautiful relationships; positivity is beauty, powerful and can change lives. What’s your #SpeakBeautiful Effect?

dove #speakbeautifullydove #speakbeautifully

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Thank you to Dove for partnering on this post.