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fall trench

fall trench - STYLE ME GRASIEfall trench - STYLE ME GRASIEfall trench - STYLE ME GRASIEfall trench - STYLE ME GRASIEfall trench - STYLE ME GRASIEfall trench - STYLE ME GRASIE

Happy Monday! I’m off to New York today to shoot another commercial. Hooray! I’m so excited to experience some cool weather. This fall trench is definitely coming with me on my trip! I feel like I’m talking about weather a lot lately but it’s hard not to when it’s 95 in October. Follow my NY adventures on Insta Story and have a lovely week!

Madewell trench + top // American Apparel jeans (similar) // Nike sneakers // Epokhe sunglasses

Photography by Allen Daniel

  • Obsessed with your trench! x

  • Ray

    Your style is one of my faves.

  • Johanka C.

    Hope the shooting went well :)! I love the trench (and your style overall)

    • Thanks! Today went great! One more day tomorrow! xo

  • Sabina Weber

    Hi – American Apparel is back and those jeans are available online.

    • Good to know! Thank you! xo

  • Great trench coat darling , not what you need in LA at the moment. Enjoy NYC. Visit my blog and my latest post on Miu Miu ! Ciao
    Dress The Part

  • Caudille Angelina

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