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ehow style – how to dress like a hipster

I’m often called a hipster. But, though I throughly enjoy Urban Outfitters and Silverlake, I would say I’m more of a fan of hipster garb than an actually hipster. We could debate this all day, but don’t worry, we won’t. EHow Style broke it down (for real, for real) and featured me in the process. Plus, while shooting for the article, I ran into my bud (and dope photographer) Bradley Meinz, who jumped in front of the camera with me…and I’m so glad he did! To check out the full article click here

  • jbcggomes

    Loving it – who cares how one’s style is describe – yours is *effing* amazing!

    xo Joana

    • Wow! Thank you! Love that 🙂

  • Becomesbecomessss

    Great article and post.  Just made me sentimental (and feel old!) – I saw Paul Simon’s original Graceland  tour live back in the day… Very good times. 🙂

  • i’ve only got till 39?! oh man, i’d better start prepping my 40’s wardrobe, as I turn 31 on Monday:( great post/article/photos. you are ace. p.s. that vintage button down short is amazing!

    • lol. love it and thank you!