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Last night I had a grand ol’ time at the UGG Australia Spring 2013 launch party. The theme was #letsgetlost (in Marrakech) and the night was full of yummy bites & cocktails, belly dancers, DIY bracelets and my personal favorite…the photo booth!!! ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEApparently I’m saying “cheers!” or something like that. ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEBoth the men’s and women’s collections had some beauties but this boot was definitely my favorite. Size 9 please! ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEThe most stylish men around…ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEThe DIY bracelet table! I made one, I really did! ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIENY blogger buds and the ladies of UGG. PS – Justin (the cutie in the yellow, it my new boy crush. Shh!)ugg #letsgetlost - STYLE ME GRASIEPhotos provided by UGG Australia (except for photo booth & Instagram shots)