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male mondays – halloween inspiration for men

It’s Halloween week! I know the festivities have already begun, but for any of you guys out there still searching for a costume, here’s some easy inspiration. Stylish movie icons for Wednesday’s big night.
What are your plans?

Travis Bickle “Taxi Driver” – Get a mohawk wig (or if you’re hardcore, shave your head into a mohawk), a military jacket from an army surplus store or your local Goodwill, jeans, a DeNiro mole and you’re ready to kill. Bonus points if you can get a girl to play Iris “Easy” Steensma.

Richie Tenenbaum “The Royal Tenenbaums” – Got long hair and a beard? Then you’re half way there. Add a polo shirt, tan suit, vintage shades (search local thrift stores for all 3), then make a quick stop at a sporting goods store or Target for head & wrist bands. Viola! You’re a tennis pro hipster!

Vincent Vega or Jules Winnfield “Pulp Fiction” – Could not be easier to pull off! For both, grab that black suit that sits in the back of your closet and dust it off. Add a white collared shirt, black tie and blood. For Vincent, go clean shaven…bonus points if you can pull off the Travolta chin cleft. For Jules, find a jheri curl wig and get creative with facial hair.

Indiana Jones “Indiana Jones” – Yeah sure, it’s been done a ton…but hey, you’re the one who waited till the last minute to come up with a costume! Get out your khakis, vintage leather bomber and fedora. Wrinkle it up and grow out your stubble for the next two days. Done.

Neo “The Matrix” – Black pants, black turtle neck, black trench coat, shades and a couple of swords. This is one idea where you can buy an “all-in-one” at your local costume shop. I’m usually opposed to those because they look so cheap but when wearing all black, you don’t notice as much. Happy Halloween!!!

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