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male mondays – inspiration

Before I meet a new style client I always ask them to think about who’s style they like or admire. I encourage them to look at magazines, online and at celebrity’s style to get inspiration. Here’s the thing fellas, I know you probably don’t think about fashion all that often, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to get your style on. Well, here’s the good news…it’s easier than it sounds! Pick up the latest issue of GQ or read it online, Google some male celebs who’s style you think is cool and get inspired. Pay attention to how the clothes fit and the styling of the outfits…are there layers? What kind of shoes are they rocking? And so on. Here are some looks I complied that I dig. Fancy any of them? Then give it a try! Leave me a comment letting me know how it goes…Would love to hear from ya!

Photos in collage via StreetFSN, GQ, JCrew and Rag & Bone