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the john varvatos 9th annual stuart house benefit

On Sunday, Damien and I attended The John Varvatos 9th annual Stuart House Benefit for the 3rd year in a row. Each year the event gets bigger and raises more money for an incredible organization that helps sexually abused children. We are always super honored to be invited and attend, no to mention inevitably a little star struck, by all the celebs who turn out in support. It’s a magical day.

Dave Matthews was the musical guest and Damien was over the moon. He loves Dave Matthews, and I got to admit, he sounded incredible live and acoustic. 
Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow were hosts of the event and are seriously the cutest couple ever. She’s so beautiful and talented and he’s so freaking funny. He got the crowd going and ready to spend some dough, all in the name of charity. There was a kid’s tent sponsored by Hasbro, which is awesome if you’re a kid or a parent looking to keep your kids busy. But for us childless folks, there was a Patron bar and IN N OUT TRUCK!!! Now that’s fun! Below is my “Damien stop taking photos of me while I’m eating” face. 
It was a beautiful day, supporting a beautiful cause. I love John Varvatos! Oh and who else is super stoked for tonight’s premiere of Fashion Star?! This show may make me bankrupt.