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3 LA designers to love

With New York Fashion Week kicking off on Thursday, I wanted to take a moment to chat about 3 fantastic, LA based designers, that are killing it right now.

1. Clover Canyon – Clover Canyon reflects our long tradition and aesthetic to combine artistic irony with uniquely wearable, streamlined form, while always maintaining our cherished “Made In California” commitment. Fabulous prints, vivid colors and made in the USA…what’s better than that? I’m looking forward to seeing their runway show in NY, can’t wait to share the photos.

2. Love, Zooey – From designer Grace Chon, Love, Zooey brings us comfy knits, fun patterns and structured blazers that represent laid back, LA fashion without sacrificing it’s chic quality.

3. Heidi Merrick – Heidi is the daughter of legendary surfboard shaper, Al Merrick. Having been raised in the surf culture, Heidi brings a fresh take on fashion through her incorporation of the color and clean lines of the ocean into every detail of design. I’m a huge fan of Heidi, her edgy yet feminine looks, are totally my style. I’m happy to share, that I was asked to be in her Holiday 2012 video look book along with 4 other lovely fashion bloggers. I’m super excited and can’t wait to put on these clothes!

There you have it, 3 LA designers to love! Keeping checking back next week when I kick off my NYFW coverage!